Shopping Guide

  • India is shopper's paradise from Street shopping , sophisticated boutique shopping to handicrafts, spices ,jewellery , designer wear / labels and what not all while you travel with us. Our travel designer would be happy to answer all your queries  and suggest you with best local and street shopping advice.
  • Shopping in India is very much attractive but does involve a lighthearted bargaining ,may not be necessary if you feel the worth of the product satisfies  you , as we say its situational .
  • India is a technology hub unlike any other country and  Ecommerce trend in India is at boom, a lot of website's are selling typical India made goods all across the globe be it handicrafts , traditional clothing, painting, jute crafts etc , so even if you cannot carry some  due to baggage / weight restrictions , you can always order them online.
  • Street Vendors have a lot attractive and sweet souvenirs which you can buy with little bargaining around the famous tourist places.
  • Indian government has established "Emporiums"  in almost all the major cities for tourist ,wherein all local handicrafts and specialties are at display on genuine rates &  common for all.
  • Responsible shopping , at globetrouper we would always suggest you to buy from local vendors ,small time street vendors /  NGO manufactured products in order to support their living.
  • Bargaining is very important so don't mind a little hagging over , but certainly avoid being acrimonious.

Happy Shopping and ping us for your queries or may be an India exclusive shopping tour !